PSUD Men Come up Short against PSU Greater Allegheny

Sophomore Guard - Jacob Perrin
Sophomore Guard - Jacob Perrin

PSUD Men Come up Short against PSU Greater Allegheny 70-66

What turned out to be a low scoring first half started just that; five minutes in and the game saw its first of 6 ties. A three pointer by GA's Jordan Payne gave them a 2 point lead at the ten minute mark. Before a two minute scoring drought for both sides, GA was able to hold onto their lead after sinking another shot beyond the arc giving them a 22-20 lead with five minutes remaining in the first half. Dubois would find themselves down one 24-26 heading into halftime.

GA would start the second half with a 10-6 run pushing the lead to 6, 36-30. A jump shot from Dubois' Dylan Huey helped them chip at the deficit halfway through the second half. Dubois had ten minutes to make up the 11 point scoring difference. A three point shot from Tristan Pierce would bring Dubois to within 8 with just less than five minutes remaining in the game. Jake Perrin went 4-4 from the field (3-3 from beyond the arc), scoring 11 of his 14 in the final minute of the game however it just wasn't enough as Dubois came up short at the final buzzer, 66-70. Notable players for Dubois were: Pierce 21, Perrin 14, Pearce 12, and Roselli 8.

Dubois travels to PSU Fayette on Saturday, February 11th to partake in their final regular season game. Tip is set for 4:00.