PSUD wrestling short on numbers fall to WVU Tech and Kent State-Tuscarawas

PSUD wrestling short on numbers fall to WVU Tech and Kent State-Tuscarawas

PSUD Wrestling team lead by upper classmen John Prentice (senior) & Bryce Hanley (Junior) open their dual meet portion of the season on Saturday against WVU Tech na d Kent State Tuscarawas.

Both Prentice and Hanley were 2-0 on the day. Prentice recorded two decisions and Hanley registered a fall and won by forfeit over Kent State Tuscarawas.  John Miller (197lbs) won his first match by fall and lost his second match.  Logan Gilbert lost both of his matches on the afternoon.

Complete Match Summaries are below.   Penn State DuBois  (tri-match)  November 11, 2017

West Virginia Tech   36                              Penn State DuBois  15

125  Paul Gonzales (WVUTech)    WB Forfeit

133  TJ Bean  (WVUTech)     WB Forfeit

141  Devin Wihlem  (WVU Tech)  WB Forfeit

149  Robert Pritt  (WVU Tech)  WB Forfeit

157  Leland Swafford  (WVU Tech)  WB Forfeit

165    No Contest

174  Corey Palmer  (WVU Tech) WB Fall 2:54  Logan Gilbert (PSUD)

184  John Prentice  (PSUD)  WB Dec. 7-3  Bryan Overton (WVUTech)

197  John Miller (PSUD)  WB Fall 4:04  Micah Ortiz  (WVUTech)

285  Bryce Hanley  (PSUD)  WB Fall  1:13  Jason Wainwright (WVU Tech)


West Virginia Tech    28                   Kent State – Tuscarawas  18

125  Paul Gonzales (WVUTech) WB Maj Dec 12-4  Zion Clark  (KSU Tus)

133   TJ Bean  (WVUTech)  WB Fall  4:03  Justin Rooriguez  (KSU Tus)

141  Devin Wihelm  (WVUTech)   WB Forfeit

149  Lane Householder (KSU Tus)  WB Dec. 3-0  Robert Pritt  (WVUTech)

157  Leland Swafford  (WVUTech)  WB Dec.  6-0  Cade Bates  (KSU Tus)

165  Jared Torch (KSU Tus)  WB Dec  2-1 TB  Corey Palmer  (WVUTech)

174  Bryan Overton (WVUTech)  WB Dec.  8-7  Adam Warfield  (KSU Tus)

184  Cullen Brogan  (KSU Tus)  WB Fall  1:26  Micah Ortiz  (KSU Tus)

197  Marqus Young  (KSU Tus)  WB Forfeit

285  Jason Wainwright  (WVUTech)  WB Forfeit.


Kent State  -  Tuscarawas     42                              Penn State DuBois   9

125   Zion Clark  (KSU Tus)   WB  Forfeit

133   Justin Rodriguez  (KSU Tus)  WB  Forfeit

141       No Contest

149  Lane Householder  (KSU Tus)  WB  Forfeit

157  Cage Bates  (KSU Tus)  WB  Forfeit

165  Jared Torch  (KSU Tus)  WB  Forfeit

174  Adam Warfield  (KSU Tus)  WB  Fall  1:43  Logan Gilbert (PSUD)

184  John Prentice  (PSUD)  WB Dec. 8-1  Cullen Brogan  (KSU Tus)

197  Marqus Young (KSU Tus)  WB  Fall   John Miller  (PSUD)

285  Bryce Hanley  (PSUD)  WB  Forfeit