PSUD Men Lose at PSU Hazelton 87-70

PSUD Men Lose at PSU Hazelton  87-70

PSUD Men Lose at PSU Hazelton

Playing on the road can always prove to be a test for any good team.  PSUD started a phenomenal first half as they jumped into the lead 10-7 in the first five minutes. A made layup by "returning man" Reynolds helped build upon that lead 22-16 halfway through the first half. Two free throws from Hazelton brought them within 1 with just under five minutes remaining. Hazelton was able to finish the half with a 14-11 run as they found themselves up 3 going into halftime.

PSUD was able to cut into the deficit with two free throws from Washington, making it 46-51. Dubois would struggle to put the ball through the hoop in the second half. Hazelton then made a monstrous 19-3 run. Score was 49-70 with ten minutes remaining in the game. With just under five minutes left, Dubois brought it within 20 however; it would prove to be not enough. Dubois ended the game on a 12-9 run as they came up short losing 87-70. Notable players for Dubois were: Roselli 10-11, Aucker 10, Rauckhorst 10-6, Pearce 9, and Pierce 8. Dubois travels to PSU Schuylkill to complete in their second game of the road trip on Saturday.